Cumberland County College Jobs

Cumberland County College Jobs

There are great job opportunities available at CCC!

We live in a fast-paced and changing world that places new and challenging demands on higher education. At Cumberland County Community College, we take great pride in our unique ability to develop programs and systems of higher education that address these new challenges. Although our success can

Cumberland County College Jobs is the site you want to check out for really great job opportunities. All of the current job opportunities are listed for full time, part time, and adjunct positions. The Jobs page even provides you with a link to download an employment application for any job you may be considering. There are job postings for positions open to all, internal job listings, jobs for support staff such as coaching positions and security positions. For immediate consideration for a position at CCC this is the site to check.

Want to know why CCC is a great place to work? It’s not just the great people who work and learn here; it’s the core values which are instilled in all of us:

Technology Forward

The leadership and staff at CCC have been dedicated to providing a high tech environment to students, staff and visitors. The goal has always been to improve and enrich the student learning experience through the use of technology.

Although the campus is a mix of old and new buildings, all buildings provide internet and intranet connectivity. Older buildings have been renovated over the years and include underfloor wiring systems which provides students and teachers flexible access to the latest technology.Whether this is in our computer/technology centers, video conferencing capabilities, or access to internal and external academic databases, all major classrooms and technology rooms are wired to our robust network.

The college believes technology can play a major role in the learning process. However, it is important to not use technology for technology’s sake. It should be an important asset for our teachers and students, without being cumbersome, overwhelming or difficult to manage.

We strive to keep our technology assets current and relevant, yet easy to manage. We have IT staff on hand to help not only students, but faculty and staff with everything from email troubleshooting, computer upgrades and even syllabus, presentation and media design.

Environmental Stewardship

Cumberland County Community College is unique in its geography. Despite being near a major highway and large metropolitan areas, it also sits mere minutes from several state park areas like: Menantico Ponds Fish and Wildlife Management Area, Union Lake Beach Area, Peaslee Fish and Wildlife Management Area and more.

CCC encourages staff, students and visitors to appreciate the local natural resources, and become stewards of the beautiful surroundings which make the college a splendid place to learn and ready yourself for a career.

The campus is located with quick access to a highway (Hwy 55) and conveniently between two towns: Vineland and Millville, New Jersey. We are also only minutes away from a mid-sized regional airport (Millville Municipal Airport).

Our Students are Second to None

CCC has always worked hard to attract intelligent, motivated learners who desire to acquire skills that will enable them to be productive members of society in the 21st century.

If you are a professor or administrative professional, and have worked at other colleges in the past, you may find Cumberland to be a breath of fresh air: Our students want to learn! Our students care. Our leadership values each and every member of the team. If you are beginning your teaching career, Cumberland County is an incredible place to start.

Strength in Our Diversity

One of CCC’s main goals is to hire and retain individuals that reflect cultural, racial and ethnic diversity. We are an equal opportunity employer.

It is our belief that diversity will expose our students to various cultures, traditions and ways of life. Besides being good practices, it more importantly helps to open the minds of our students to looking at the world without preconceived notions. This helps prepare them for the changing world in which we live.

Our administrative and education professionals come from all walks of life, and from all over the country. We often have visiting lecturers from other countries, which can only help students and professors alike.

Working at Cumberland County Community College is an exciting and unique experience. If you are just beginning your educational career, or you are a veteran, CCC has plenty of variety and opportunities for you to grow. We are always looking for experienced, excited and caring professionals who are looking for a place to call home.

A Town and a College to Call Home

Vineland and Millville, New Jersey are wonderful towns, and Cumberland County College is nestled directly between them both. There’s a great mix of urban and rural spots to settle down.