Cumberland County College Vineland NJ


Your Future Begins at Cumberland County College, Vineland, NJ

Located in the southeast corner of New Jersey, Cumberland County College in Vineland, NJ offers a dynamic institution dedicated to innovation, education, as well as culture and community enrichment. The lovely campus is very close to the Delaware Bay which offers exciting recreational activities and the Atlantic coast which boasts Atlantic City’s casinos.

Far from a mere tourist attraction, we are an educational leader in its community that lives its core values of Pride, Service and Excellence. The benefits of pursuing a degree or career certificate are made easier with the tools provided by the College.

Enriching Students and People Looking to Advance Their Lives

Cumberland County College, Vineland, NJ, is a community college that is both rich in tradition and has a soul for innovation. As the oldest community college in New Jersey, C.C.C. opened up its doors in October 1966. The campus sits on 100 acres of beautifully manicured lawns as well as baseball field, quads and buildings to enhance your education.

The Frank Guaracini Jr. Fine and Performing Arts Center offers various delights to an audience, from student recitals to regional orchestras. The George Luciano Sr. Conference Center offers high-tech conference rooms and banquet halls for anything from college clubs to area business.

Since the Cumberland County College of Vineland, NJ, has opened its doors, more than 30,000 students have graduated. That is not taking into account the various transfer students who have taken their earned credit and moved on to attend 4 year colleges and universities. (Which often holds near 50% of all students)

The diversity at the college is also striking to note. The age range of students is from 18 to 68 years old and comes from diverse international locations such as Puerto Rico, Russia, Brazil, Kenya and India. These students all meet together at the campus to participate in sports, drama, and PRIDE clubs to pursue the same interests.

Not only is the Cumberland County College Vineland, NJ a great social environment, it also prides itself on its academic standards. The College is fully accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Over 90 different career and academic programs of study are offered at the college consisting of anything from business, criminal justice and healthcare studies.

Our College also has partnerships with other Colleges and Universities to provide undergraduate and master’s degree concentrations. Constantly striving to enrich the community and those who attend school are the biggest reasons why going to Cumberland County College Vineland, NJ would be the best fit for anyone looking to advance their lives.


Our faculty and staff are the best in the world! There are countless reasons why you should consider a career at CCC. For further information, please take a look at this page.

Everyone who works at or even just visits the campus is amazed at the unique mixture of old and new architecture. New buildings are fine examples of modern design. Older buildings have been renovated over the years to serve modern needs, yet retain a bit of the history of CCC.

This was accomplished without major structural issues or asbestos concerns. Through a partnership with an asbestos abatement company, a modern, clean and safe environment has been created from original buildings. We are also proud that one of the members of the architectural team is a former student at CCC who transferred to a four-year school and has a successful career in architecture!